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Autism and Happiness – from neurodiversity to neuroharmony

An online lecture "Autism and Happiness - from neurodiversity to neuroharmony" at Zoom with world-famous Peter Vermeulen, PhD, with about 2 hours of lectures and a question and answer session afterwards.

The lecture is in English

Wed 18/01/2023
Time 13:00 – 15:30

In English

40 euro/person + VAT
50 euro/person + VAT from 13 December 2022

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Happiness has received little attention in the field of autism spectrum disorders. Outcome and effect studies, for instance, rarely take emotional well-being as a desired outcome. And when the focus is on well-being, it is often from a negative perspective, namely the lack of well-being and quality of life in autism. In the presentation we will explore how we can increase the well-being of autistic children, youngsters and adults, in schools, at work, at home in the family. We will talk about having a positive focus and promoting positive feelings but also about life satisfaction and contentment as main sources of emotional well-being. The presentation contains many practical tips for parents, teachers, care takers, other professionals, decision makers and – last but not least – people who have an autism spectrum diagnosis.

Sonya Höstman

Järjestäjä: Conductus Nordic Education